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Do I need an attorney for a simple traffic infraction?

Because a speeding ticket or other traffic infractions can result in you receiving points and/or your insurance rates going up, having an attorney can be advantageous. While there are no guarantees you can get the infraction dropped or avoid points, your chances either of these happening are obviously better with legal representation.

Will I have to go to court to deal with the infraction if I hire a lawyer?

No, your lawyer can file a Waiver of Appearance for you and appear on your behalf. This way, you will not have to miss work or be inconvenienced any more then you already have been and can let your attorney work for you.

I did not sign my citation. The police officer recorded the wrong address on the citation. Can’t I just get the citation dropped because he made a mistake or forgot to have me do something?

Unfortunately, not signing a citation is, most of the time, not a basis for dismissal and recording the wrong information about your address is viewed as a scrivener’s error and not enough to make the citation go away. Of course, many times there are other reasons why a citation can be dismissed. You would need to speak with an attorney about the facts of your cases to determine if any are applicable.

The officer wrote me a citation for speeding, but did not use a radar gun. Is that legal?

Yes. Officers can write a speeding citation based upon radar, laser, aircraft or pacing your vehicle with theirs. Just because they wrote you a citation, however, based upon one of the other three (3) methods, does not mean they will have a slam dunk in court, especially when they use pacing as their method of choice.

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