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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Services

DUI Attorney - A DUI does not have to ruin your life.  Contact me to discuss your options, which may include a downfile to reckless driving or a successful trial strategy directly attacking the evidence.

Drug Attorney - Depending on the amount and type of drug, Drug Court may be an option.  If not, lack of evidence can many times be used in your favor.  I will guide you through the system.

Felony Crime Attorney - Do not talk to anyone in law enforcement about what happened before retaining an attorney.  Jail calls are recorded and can be used against you.  Penalties can be severe, so your representation must be sharp.

Misdemeanor Crime Attorney - Not as serious as felonies, but they can muck up your life just the same.  Retaining counsel will increase your chances of obtaining your desired result.

Domestic Battery Attorney - Let me contact the alleged victim to see if I can help facilitate an amicable resolution before charges advance in the system.  There are also affirmative defenses potentially at your disposal.

Traffic Crime Attorney - These can seem to be minor distractions, but can lead to loss of license or even loss of liberty.  Having an attorney who knows the system will minimize the chance of either happening.

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