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Here is to looking forward to the day where, with your permission, I can share with others on this page what I was able to do for you in your time of need. As you can imagine, when you are happy, I am happy. That is the way being part of a team works.

Reginald G.

"I chose to represent myself at trial and Allen was assigned by the judge to be a friend of the court and oversee my work. I did not even want him, or anybody, helping me with my case. By the end of my week-long trial, however, not only did I have him writing motions to suppress evidence for me, but also had him question me on the stand and give the closing argument for the case. I went from not trusting any attorney to putting my future in his hands and he did not disappoint me at all. The jury took my felonies and changed them to not guiltys and I was released hours later. Allen, thanks for being part of my team."

Paul L.

"You gave me my life back. I am going to go out and get you and Maryuma the best bottle of wine I can find to show my appreciation. Thank you for winning this trial."

Eugene M.

"Mr. Ambrosino, I just want to thank you for believing in me and listening to what I had to say about my case. I became so used to lawyers just telling me to take a plea without really listening to my side of the story. You fought for me every step of the way and not only able to keep me out of prison, but you also got my felony dropped mid-trial by the judge. I will always be grateful to you, as will my wife and baby girl. God bless you."

Jeremiah B.

"I retained Mr. Ambrosino to represent me in court. He explained my situation clearly, answered each of my questions and set out a path of least resistance to satisfy my release from the justice system. He concluded the case quickly and to my great satisfaction, as all charges were dropped. I would give him the highest rating for his effectiveness and understanding of my legal issues."

Joseph C.

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful legal representation you provided to my son, Derek. At every step, you were professional, knowledgeable and exacting on how you handled the case. Your work enabled Derek to avoid a very serious penalty and now, because of your efforts, he has been able to get on with his life in a productive way."

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