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Here is just a sampling of the types of cases I have won as a Palm Beach trial attorney over the past decade. I enjoy taking cases to trial and holding the state to the burden of trying to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. If you would like to know if I have ever represented a client charged with what you are facing, don’t hesitate to ask. The answer will most likely be yes.

Three DUI Trial Victories In 8 Days

Over the course of 8 days, I won THREE DUI trials for three different clients. The first client was facing his 4th DUI and had blown an .081, over the legal limit. The second client told the officer “I probably drank too much, but I am not mad”. The third client was pulled over at 4AM, told the officer he had drank an entire pitcher of Fosters and there was video of his car swerving from lane to lane. The results of trying the above cases? The first jury came back with a verdict of NOT GUILTY in 15 minutes. The second NOT GUILTY was handed down in 9 minutes. And the third NOT GUILTY was spoken after only 6 minutes of deliberation. 30 minutes. 3 NOT GUILTY verdicts. 3 satisfied clients.

Possession of Firearm and Crack Cocaine

An indigent client who had many prior run-ins with the police was charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Possession of Crack Cocaine where he was found by the police inside a vehicle with a loaded gun on the passenger seat and crack cocaine on the gear shift panel. He had a significant criminal history and the State was seeking a lengthy prison sentence, as they felt they had a slam dunk case. Instead of just advising him to take the deal, I spoke with the client and discovered he was informally working for a gas station. He had been paid $20 to park the car for a man who he did not know and had no idea what was in the car. The State thought his story was ridiculous. The jury did not. NOT GUILTY.

Grand Theft Over $20,000

A successful salesman was charged with Grand Theft over $20,000 and four (4) counts of Dealing in Stolen Property. He had been accused of stealing from a company he worked for and, ultimately, was fired from due to a loss of a major client. The State had evidence he had taken over $80,000 worth of items and pawned them at shops around Palm Beach. We questioned the owner on the stand to show he had made prior inconsistent statements and had two former employees testify about his shady practices. At the end of the second day, the jury came back after an hour of deliberation with a NOT GULTY verdict.


The State charged my client with Manslaughter and Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Great Bodily Harm) for not knowing she had run over a person lying down on the road at 3AM and killing him instantly. It was the first time she had ever been charged with a crime and I spent several months explaining the process to her and keeping her calm as she endured this horrific ordeal. We convinced the State to have the Manslaughter charge dropped, as it was a classic case of overcharging. They still wanted her to serve ten (10) years in prison. Through obtaining an expert witness, evaluating her vehicle and working with her so she could bring the truth out through her testimony, we earned a hard fought NOT GUILTY so her perfect record could remain intact.

Robbery with a Deadly Weapon

A client was charged with Robbery with a Deadly Weapon and Aggravated Battery (Deadly Weapon with Bodily Harm). He had just been released from prison, had a serious drug problem and was facing a mandatory sentence of life in prison with no time off for good behavior if found guilty. The alleged victim stated he was attacked with a baseball bat inside his home and had several serious injuries, and the State could not see past my client’s criminal history. I was able, however, to discredit the alleged victim’s testimony during trial and left the jury with reasonable doubt if my client had ever been in the house to begin with. When the jury foreperson came back, NOT GUILTY was the result and my client was able to resume his rehabilitation and life.

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